James and Lily live off the grid, raising their young daughter in a cocoon of comfort and sustainability. When a mysterious mass text ripples its way across the country, triggering a crippling, apocalyptic cyber attack, their home transitions from sheltered modern oasis to a fortress for the estranged old friends that show up at their door for protection and community.

Ratings IMDb: 5.3
Awards: 1 win
Resolution: 1920*816 | ScreenShot: 1  2

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    اگه 720 هم موجوده بزارید لطفا
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    سریاله Penny Dreadful رو میتونی بزاری ؟
    تو imdb 9 گرفته.
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    این تنها خواهش منه از وقتی که با این سایت آشنا شدک
    اگه جایی رو سراغ دارین بدین که من بگیرم اگه ندارینم بذاریین که همه استفاده میکنن